Student Internship Exchange

The WMGI International Student Exchange & Internship Program

While the West Michigan Global Initiative has big plans for the present, we’re also focused on the future, too. Our International Student Exchange & Internship Program offers two Dutch students summer internships at Michigan-based companies, non-profits or government institutions. Two U.S. students from the West Michigan region will similarly be placed in the Netherlands.

The objective is to establish a new generation of relationships between West Michigan and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, to nurture our longstanding historic business, cultural and governmental ties.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Participating universities and colleges include: Grand Valley State University, Hope College, Calvin College and a prominent university in the Netherlands
  • Advisory board members and WMGI "Ambassadors" will assist in securing paid positions within companies, non-profits and government institutions
  • The program will seek to place one of the students within the State of Michigan political structure and find a corresponding position within the Federal or State system of the Netherlands
  • Sponsoring universities will provide on-campus housing for the exchange students
  • Students will be honored at the West Michigan Global Initiative galas
  • The WMGI will provide travel and cost-of-living assistance
  • Low-income students will be given a priority
  • Internship work projects will be approved by the WMGI and will be of publishable quality to ensure that the students have a work product to assist with finding employment after graduation
  • The program will coordinate with other local and Dutch exchange programs to facilitate additional sustainable relationship building
  • The program will encourage semester abroad studies for its participants and will coordinate with the appropriate university program contacts


Founding Sponsors


  • AlpInvest Partners
  • Eenhoorn LLC
  • Haworth, Inc
  • Huizenga Group
  • MERS of Michigan
  • The Carlyle Group
  • Burke E. Porter Machinery
  • Alticor
  • RDV
  • The Windquest Group
  • Amway
  • InnerWorkings
  • Meijer
  • Effen Vodka & DeKuyper
  • Dempsey Ventures
  • Grey Dunes
  • Michigan Legislative Consultants
  • Varnum Attorneys at Law
  • Grand Valley State University




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