WMGI At a Glance

The WMGI initiative was formed in 2012 by business leaders, investors, and public sector professionals from Michigan and the Netherlands. The goal is to facilitate business, cultural, and governmental ties between the West Michigan region and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Initiative will host a bi-annual event in the Grand Rapids and surrounding communities to foster business and cultural ties and to facilitate the establishment of long-term relationships. The organization is not an economic development entity, rather it seeks to partner with these organizations and assist them in carrying out their respective missions.   The WMGI was extoled as an innovative example of a successful Public Private Partnership (PPP), by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, at the inaugural 2012 gala in Grand Rapids.

“To facilitate the establishment of significant and long-term business, civic, and cultural relationships between the West Michigan region and the Kingdom of the Netherlands; building on the longstanding historic cultural ties between the two communities.”

Organization Briefs:

  • Founded 2012
  • 501c6 Non-profit organization
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Non-partisan
  • Active development plan to support programs through donations and sponsorship
  • Coordinate Michigan Legislative Dutch Caucus
  • Networking, business and relationship focused

Economic Development Partners: